Hey guys , here is the mascot I made for a contest organized by the Sports Committee .
I had to design a mascot for the olympic team .

When I create a character I love to give the best I have , and try to actually catch it’s physical and spiritual/moral features . I always imagine him sitting beside me and guiding me how to draw him better , how to get him outside of my head.

The mascot is inspired by Moldova’s flag emblem , which is an eagle.
He is looking ahead , seeing a better horisont , and he’s determined to get there. 
I tried to make him look like he’s inspiring physical strength as well as moral one .
 He’s not intimidated by the competition , but on the contrary , he will give the best he has !

Unfortunately I didn’t take any place , but I enjoyed designing it , and I feel like I grew as a Character Designer , and I have that genuine feeling  of making a friend !